This water elemental is said to be a guardian sent by the Green Lord. With its Bubble Shield, this Powerstone pet can negate up to 20,000 damage for 5 seconds, so it makes sense! Do you want this little guardian to accompany you on your adventures through Erenor? Then there's no time to waste!

And what's exciting, your first purchase is free of charge!

Randomly grants one of the following:
- Blobby
- Bound Language Proficiency Spellbook
- Bound Expansion Scroll
- Bound Serendipity Stone
- Otherworld Storage Chest
- Bound Serendipity Stone Shard x5
- Bound Serendipity Stone Shard x9
- Bound Serendipity Stone Shard x13

The random items from the crate will be delivered to the first character created on this account.

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