Discover Your Legendary Self!

Take up arms in your finest costumes, Gunslinger, then take to the skies with the loyal Griffin that will always protect you.


Game Access
Expansion access: Garden of the Gods
Fresh Start Server Access
2x Saving Pendant
4x Bound Expansion Scroll
Credits: 4000
Glider Customization: Marauder's Glider
1x Bar Counter Furniture Set
1x Bound Anywhere Warehouse
1x Advanced ArchePass Upgrade Ticket
3x Hasla Weapon Skin Crate
3x Bound Hellkissed Weapon Crate
Skillset: Gunslinger Tome
Costume: Black Night Costume
Costume: Lawkeeper Costume
Mount: Nocturne Griffin (without Armor)
Glider Customization: Rocket Wings #2

You asked and we provided. Welcome to ArcheAge: Unchained!