Discover Your Legendary Self and the Garden of the gods!

This bundle gives you immediate access to ArcheAge: Unchained and all Archeum Chainbreaker items right now, and access to the Garden of the Gods Archeum DLC Pack.

Archeum Chainbreaker Pack:
Game Access
Expansion Scroll
4000 Credits
Nightraven Robes
Arasha Nomad Costume
Dance: Yatarena
Dance: Robot
Glider Customization: Golden Wyrmwings

Garden of the Gods Archeum DLC Pack:
Open the doors to the garden with the Garden of the Gods Archeum Pack for €59.99 and receive the following with items exclusively for you:

DLC Access: Garden of the Gods
Dip your toes into the legendary Garden of the Gods that housed the the Creator themselves as they created Erenor.

Fresh Start Server Access
Have the ability to access and create a character on our brand new Fresh Start servers with the purchase of this package!

1500 Credits
Credits can be used to purchase cosmetic items in the in-game Marketplace or to unlock premium ArchePass tracks.

1 Tahyang's Battle Plate Costume
A humble armor modeled after the type of armor Tahyang wore during the war with the Crimson Army to represent the garb of his homeland.

1 Kyprosa's Winter Furs Costume
These furs are modeled after the robes Kyprosa favored during her winter travels as a child, so they're guaranteed to keep you warm!

1 Noble Blossomhoof Mount
Travel on the most nimble, flowery deer we ever have seen! Complete with flower footfalls when it moves.

Glider Customization: Faelight Wings
Image these Faelight Wings over your favorite glider and take to the skies with wings that were inspired by beautiful stained glass images and fairies themselves!

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